Provide national exhibition center exhibition wallpaper for sale

Provide national exhibition center exhibition wallpaper for sale

Each room has its own decoration and its function is different. In the selection of wallpaper, the wallpaper color should be selected according to the different functions, so as to bring out the charm of the wallpaper and the wallpaper color discussion:

Lobby Wallpaper–Select according to the orientation of the room

The east-facing room is darker due to earliest exposure to sunlight and the earliest room to leave the room, so using light wallpaper with warm colors is often the most secure. South facing rooms have the longest hours of sunshine. The use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more charming.

The west-facing room seems to be more comfortable because of the influence of the western sunset, which is the strongest of the day. The north facing room has no direct sunlight, so you should prefer wallpaper with warm colors and a lighter shade.

Zong Yongg with his map on August 07, 2014
Zong Yongg with his map on August 07, 2014


Master Bedroom Wallpaper—Select wallpaper color according to the purpose of the room

The purpose of the room often determines the effect that needs to be created. The living room should look bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, while the restaurant can use dark green wallpaper. The kitchen is always suitable for wallpaper with light colors, but be careful with warm wall paper. The hallways and hallways only serve as passageways, so bold wallpapers with different shades of color can be used. The style of the bedroom is entirely determined by the tastes of different people.

Kids room wallpaper—Select wallpaper color according to the shape of the room

Color can change people’s perception of the shape of the room to some extent. For example, a cold wallpaper can make the lower ceiling look higher and make the narrow room wider. The use of wallpaper with dark shades on the far wall of the room will cause the wall to move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room.

Restaurant wallpaper—color description

The wall of goose yellow wallpaper is warm. Red wallpaper is an exciting color, and a large area of ​​red is exciting and exciting. Green wallpaper is a good sedative, and green has a good effect on regulating body balance.

Purple induces appetite, helps calcium absorption, helps to restore and maintain health, and orange yellow color, can stimulate the nervous and digestive system, strengthen logical thinking.

Blue wallpaper can adjust the balance of the body, can eliminate tension and help relieve headaches, fever, syncope and insomnia. The blue home is quiet and peaceful and can fully relax people’s tiredness.

Color World

Color is magical, we are all shocked by the combination of color or color, moving, awakening, interest, perception, rejection, alertness. . .

The colors and their collocations are diverse, and we have conducted intensive research on the common points of color in modern interior design.
Give everyone some suggestions and reference
Hope that through these to guide you to find the right wallpaper color combinations and solutions to explore the world of color with you, and enjoy this creative process to bring us fun. (Wallpaper Wang Zongyong brother original article http://www.wpk8 .com April 5, 2008)

The first time of writing 2008-04-05, the title is “a study of different wallpapers in different colors of wallpaper in different rooms of a family”
Mom also, I search for Baidu, all in front of others.
Depressed. Today (August 7, 2014), the title was revised and changed to “Wallpaper Color Matching, Different Rooms Use Different Wallpapers.” Haha. See how many come to COPY again

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